About Us

Angela Lese
Artist Relations Manager

Angela Lese is a professional drummer and co-founder of A n' R Music Services.  She has made a name for herself within the Nashville music community and is well respected because of her work ethic, drive and music business savviness.  Angela’s talents go beyond her musicianship, including artist management skills and communications.  Her role as Artist Relations Manager is to discover indie artists/bands and best match their tunes for synchronization opportunities.
Christopher Rambo
Industry Relations Manager

Christopher Rambo is a director of music sales, art and culture and co-founder of A n’ R Music Services.  He has plenty of experience within the music industry, from musician to promoter to manager to licensing representative, which makes his knowledge of the music business unmatched.  Rambo excels in communications and sales, and has an extensive history of negotiating performance licenses between artists and businesses.  His role as Industry Relations Manager is to foster opportunities for indie artists/bands to receive profits from their music synchronization licenses.